Begin With The End In Mind

When we discover what matters most, it changes how we live.

Create the ripple to enrich your life.

Discover how death can become more sacred.


Transform your relationship with life by exploring your relationship with death.

Birth and death are two sides of the same coin. Both involve the unknown, fear, and new learning. Both require comfort, support, and acknowledgment. Both are spiritual and life-changing events.

Awakening to those connections impacts living and dying more consciously. It’s a beautiful place to begin.

Talking about death won’t cause you to die. It can help us confront our mortality. 

Death is not a battle lost. Dying without your wishes being honored is. Mapping how you want to be treated and supported through this cycle of life is your right.

As an Advocate, Death Doula, and Grief Guide…

I assist individuals in exploring the reality of impermanence for self and loved ones to create more space for peace and love.

When you start with the end in mind, it changes how you live.


Invite Death to the Table

Tackling the taboo of death allows you to make a plan to honor your wishes.

Mapping Your Wishes 

Take steps to align your priorities to design a plan for conscious living and dying.

Conscious Dying and Grief Guide

Holistic, non-medical support to restore death to be more sacred than feared.



Mindfully Navigate the Holidays As You Grieve

Grieving is never easy, and emotions intensify around the holidays. Being mindful of the big feelings doesn’t have to subtract from the love surrounding your grief. Grief and sadness can sit at the same table.

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