About Me

I’m Carole. Advocate, Death Doula, and Grief Guide.

Welcome. Seeking support for yourself or a loved one living with a life-limiting illness? Curious about conscious dying? Considering grief support?  Let’s have a conversation.

My journey as a wife, mother, nurse, and human was forever altered by my late husband’s diagnosis of metastatic cancer and his death at age 42. This experience reshaped my understanding of healing, teaching me that it extends beyond physical health.
Healing is more than the absence of disease. 
This profound shift in perspective has inspired me to consciously navigate life, further appreciating the interconnectedness of mind, body, and soul.

One can be cured and never healed, and one can die from disease, healed and whole.  

I’ve learned we can do death better.

I have been providing healing services for over 45 years.

All my years of service as a certified nurse in oncology, hospice, nurse educator, board-certified health coach, Reiki practitioner, and children’s book author positioned me to shift the conversation and struggle surrounding death.

Fear of death and grief are common healing themes in my work. Witnessing death has ignited my curiosity about its mystery and sacredness while coaching me on how to enrich my life. I am here to promote death literacy and serve the living and the dying as a Death Doula and Grief Guide.

I reside in upstate New York with my husband, where I enjoy gardening, creating art, writing, spending time with my grandchildren, and traveling. I love spending time in nature, where peace and solace are my guides.

My services can be provided in person and virtually.

Fear of death and dying can shift.

Until our paths cross, love and peace to you.



“Dying is the most important thing you do in your life. It is the greatest frontier for every one of us.”

Ram Dass


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